I am an LA native that recently uprooted myself and moved to Boston. My first thoughts upon moving were: where am I going to eat Brunch regularly?  Am I going to find amazing sushi in Boston? How am I going to satisfy my sweets fix? What other states can I visit while living in Massachusetts? How many books can I read while going to school in 2014? Moving to a different city comes with many fun and exciting new adventures. Exploring parks, historical sites, witnessing an actual change of season, and finding your go to restaurants. Fortunately for this foodie, I love to try new foods and visit new restaurants. I am going to do some digging, forking, and spooning to figure out which restaurants are newsworthy and which restaurants and dishes should never be visited. I love to cook and find that I’m pretty good at it, so when I order at a restaurant I am hoping that the food is going to be delicious and something that I would want to try cooking at home, or something that I’m going to come back to the restaurant to get my hands (and stomach) on. After my boyfriend, Anthony, encouraged me to start my own blog reviewing and examining foods we try, he also mentioned it might be a good idea for me to talk about traveling and all the books I’ve read. I love to read and travel and do both as much as possible so I’m going to be dishing out big scoops of my experiences and opinions using this amazing tool that I now have at my disposal. This amazing blog is the outcome of Anthony’s encouraging idea and this is me giving blogging a go! Thanks for accompanying me on this exploration of dishes, destinations, and globe-trotting.