Moving to Boston can be lovely. The fall colors are amazing to behold, there is a plethora of history that can be found around any corner of Boston, the city’s spirit and sport fan loyalty can be felt in your veins, and the student life thrives in a city where some of the most highly educated individuals reside. Then again scrambling to find an apartment for a decent amount of rent, in an ideal area, and in actually livable conditions makes the move to Boston the biggest headache of your life.

I recently moved to Boston and am renting from Fineberg Companies. A quick Google search of the company will give you an outdated company website followed by not one but FOUR Yelp review pages, all giving the company a 1 star review. One star seems better than no star right? Wrong. All the users leave 1 star because zero stars is not an option. When you call them to report a maintenance issue, apartment problem, or to ask any kind of question they treat you like dirt. Maybe lower than dirt. They treat you as if their dog just dragged you in and you are inconveniencing them with the mess they have to clean up. Believe me, it IS a mess they are cleaning up.

Fineberg apartment buildings are rat infested. Don’t attempt to throw out your garbage after the sun goes down or you will find an entire family of rats congregating for evening mass. Moving in you will find that the apartment has not even been cleaned before you arrived. You can’t even think about unpacking because you need to get on your hands and knees to conduct a thorough cleaning before you can inhabit these apartments. Then you have to deal with the dirty halls and elevator that doesn’t seem safe to ride. But wait there is more! All for the severely overpriced rent you will surely pay, you also need to spend countless minutes calling the company to complain about broken doors, dirty floors, noisy heaters, blown out electric meters, the occasional apartment mouse (yes in your house), and the lovely elephants parading above your head that like to wrestle about and throw parties. When you attempt to let them know about the problems you are facing, they treat you as a monstrous villain. It must be your fault there are noisy neighbors, rats in your apartment, and broken doors. Obviously.

There are consistent repairs that we find need to be made. When you call or email Fineberg to fix something, they never respond. Instead I’ll walk into my apartment and notice that repairs had been made. No warning. What if valuables were left out? What if I was at home relaxing in the nude? They certainly don’t care. A thief can come in and out and we’d never know because they refuse to schedule times that they enter the apartment. No matter how many times you request, call, or email them to schedule things with you, they simply do not care.

There is no need to worry all that much. They don’t just let their buildings become trash and treat the tenants like trash – they also treat companies they contract in an abysmal fashion.
How to find a decent apartment in Boston? I haven’t quite found out yet, but once I do I will be sure to let the public know. In the meantime, follow my advice. Do not rent from Fineberg Companies. Shame on you Mr. Fineberg for letting your company treat people this way. Shame on you for letting your beautiful buildings erode in such a beautiful city. Just because there is a high turn around rate of tenants doesn’t give you the right to treat people unfairly or neglect your paying tenants.The advantage that is being taken on tenants who are mostly students, young adults, or older folks, is disheartening. These tenants don’t deserve to be treated as though they are naïve and absolutely don’t deserve Fineberg to treat them like rubbish.

Bottom line: Don’t ever rent from Fineberg Companies. They are the pits. Rude. Ignorant. Rude. Sloppy. Rude.