Overview & Rating


Fun, fast, topsy turvy book. Love, time travel, destiny, and fate is tested in this story set in the 1950's in beautiful Paris. Claudia finds herself in a different time and place trying to figure out a murder of a fellow cabaret dancer. She is the prime suspect, but she needs to assimilate into her surroundings and fix this blip in time in order to get back to her life and home in the present. A fun and light read for romance and time travel seekers.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

After I read the title of this book I thought to myself “Cheesy”. I almost didn’t purchase the book, but there was a good deal on Amazon so I ended up purchasing the book. After the first couple of pages I was hooked. The book follows our heroine, Claudia Davis, who is in a dance studio in San Diego and finds herself magically falling down a time-travel-rabbit-hole of sorts. She comes to in Paris in the 1950’s as a beautiful, burlesque dancer named Ruby. Ruby (really Claudia) finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. While trying to clear Ruby’s name, discovering connections that relate to Claudia’s life in San Diego and family, and trying to solve the puzzle of how to return to her life in San Diego, Claudia/Ruby learns more about herself, mother, grandmother, and in the end alters her destiny.

Juliette Sobanet’s love and admiration of Paris can be felt through her words and descriptions of the Paris streets. The book was an easy read that kept me entranced with the Paris landscape, trying to solve the murder mystery, and attempting to figure out what the connection between Ruby and Claudia was. Dancing with Paris is a book about friendship, jealousy, reincarnation of sorts, destiny, and love. How could we ever forget love? I got my Mom to read this book as well, which she enjoyed and sped through. Way to go Mom!

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