Overview & Rating


Young adult fiction book. Divergent follows a bad-ass 16-year-old girl who has chosen to leave her family and culture to belong to a group that is known to be strong and brave. This book will be a fast read you won't want to put down. You will want to find out how Tris's story ends, what it means to be Divergent, and what is going on in this society containing 5 segregated communities living in what once was Chicago.

Overall Rating: 9/10

This is a young adult book that seems to follow closely in the footsteps of The Hunger Games. We find ourselves in what must be Chicago in the future. It seems as though society has collapsed and there is now a different way of life. Everyone lives their lives in one of five factions. I will break down the factions for you now, because I will be honest and say that I was extremely confused as to which faction was which at the beginning of the book. There is Candor who value honesty even at inappropriate times, Abnegation who value selflessness and who give up worldly and vain longings, Dauntless who are brave, strong, and value risk taking, Amity who value peace and order, and Erudite who are the intellectuals and knowledge seekers. Instead of the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter series, everyone is given an aptitude test to predict which faction they are best suited for. Unlike Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat, at the age of sixteen children are able to choose which faction (or “house” for you Harry Potter fans out there) they want to belong to for the rest of their life. Also unlike Harry Potter, choosing your faction is an all or nothing gesture; you live, learn, share, and grow with your chosen faction and apart from the other factions.

Our main character, Beatrice Prior, abandons her faction and family and chooses Dauntless. Tris undergoes extreme physical and mental training in order to keep her mind and body sharp. She proves to be fearless and eager to succeed in Dauntless. We come to find that Dauntless is pretty gruesome and they roughly and violently train their new members. Tris is battling to stay in Dauntless, while also battling to keep a secret- Tris is Divergent. And Divergents are being hunted and have been known to mysteriously disappear. Divergents do not really fit into any faction, but can bend their skills and attributes to counter any obstacle they comes across. Like all societies, the peaceful coexistence can only last so long and Tris finds herself trying to unveil what is happening between the factions while keeping her identity a secret and finding an ally and possible love interest in another Divergent. The last quarter of the book quickly unravels as one faction attempts to overpower the others and our heroine must try and fight for Divergents and all other factions.

The ending to this book will leave you wanting to continue the series. Which I quickly did and finished in a couple days. I struggle to recommend the rest of the series just because I was so disappointed with where the plot was taken. I thought this was a fun read, but didn’t really enjoy the following two books to the series. I hesitantly would still recommend this book. The film will be out March 2014. Can’t wait to see how they will depict the fight and actions scenes on the big screen. Will be a film I’ll want to see in the theaters.