Overview & Rating


Short and easy read. Green writes lightly and brilliantly using philosophical, funny, intelligent, and deep characters. A book young at heart, but with an old soul.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

The Fault in Our Stars is a young adult novel written by John Green with a film based on the book set to release June 6, 2014. The book revolves around two sixteen year olds, Hazel Grace and Augustus. These two young peoples lives have been unfairly touched by cancer and they have each come to cope with the harshness that is cancer in different ways. Once their paths cross, they find strength in each other and gain power in the way they see their reflection in the other’s eyes. Their joint journey through support groups, family encounters, international travel, and cancer enables you to see that life’s smallest ebbs and flows are what makes life worth living. They give each other an infinite amount of happiness that cannot be contained.

The Fault in Our Stars is a short and easy read. The characters that John Green provides you with are instantly likable and their journey is easy to follow. Green writes lightly and brilliantly, and that translates in the way he has equipped Hazel and Augustus’s vocabulary. The characters are both philosophical, funny, intelligent, and deep in only the way that someone who has lived their life, fought major struggles, and has made peace with the world can be. As you read you feel a joy in Hazel and Gus’s interactions and you find yourself rooting for a happy ever after. ( I will not spoil the ending for you)

I wouldn’t say that this book is a classic, or a MUST read, but definitely a sweet book about life’s journey, joys, and hardships. I found it to be an enjoyable read for people of all ages. Sometimes I thought the vocabulary of the sixteen year olds was a bit of a stretch, but not distracting from the plot of the book. It makes you question if your days are numbered, how would you choose to life your life? What attitude would you have? What is really important to you?

Interested to see how the movie will turn out. Might not pay to see it in theaters, but will definitely be on my rental list.