Hello all!

I am extremely excited and proud to be able to have this social media tool to share all my experiences. Anthony is amazing and created this awesome blog for me to use. I can share with you my thoughts on my passions: traveling and exploring, reading a great book, and trying delicious new restaurants. I am now able to document all my findings and opinions on this fancy blog. I’ll be reviewing the books I’ve read (goal is 24 this year!), sharing restaurants you should or should not try, and talking about the amazing travel locations we find ourselves at (I have the best travel partner).

So welcome to the blog and feel free to explore or contact me if you have any questions. I’m going to give you the scoop on good eats, our travel, and great reads. I’ll be giving you my two cents, five cents, and on occasion dollar bills on all of these interesting topics and encourage you to also share your thoughts and comments with me.

Thanks for following and happy reading, eating, and travel!