For Anthony’s birthday, I surprised him with a weekend trip to Maine. We went and stayed at this adorable bed and breakfast in Old Orchard Beach, Maine called Atlantic Birches Inn. I had plans for us to explore Portland and its surrounding areas. We walked around Old Orchard Beach that was clearly a big beach town. Most of the shops were closed for the season. Seemed to be a very old town that is still stuck in the time era of the movie Beaches. Adorable little shops surrounded the small main street leading to the beach. The beach was beautiful and fairly vacant due to the chilly wind.

Maine was absolutely stunning. We went to Portland, walked around the cute shops and water front. Anthony bought me this cute set of silverware jewlery that an older couple sold to us. The ring and bracelet were made of antique silver spoons that they crafted and shaped into women’s accessories. The couple were extremely sweet and kind and showed us that they know the name and make of each spoon they have used and have even tagged the jewlery so that customers can loook up their purchases and the year their spoon was made. The gentleman said that he has been approached to sell his jewlery in bulk, but he prefers to keep his business small and maintain the fun in his hobby.

We hopped on a Casco Bay Island Ferry that took us around Casco Bay and made short stops around the Bay delivering groceries and goods. It was extremely cold, but thankfully Anthony had sprinted to the car to collect our jackets and scarves right before we hopped on board. It was a sunset ferry that started off beautifully. We were able to see the six islands around the Bay, the trees surrounding us, and the beautiful sky. By the time we docked back in Portland it was pitch black out and we were only able to see the lights on the island docks and in the various houses facing the bay.

The Inn we stayed at was adorable and we woke up to coffee, tea, delicious muffins, fresh fruit salad, and cereal. The hosts were especially sweet and helpful and we ended up chatting with an English guest that was visiting Maine during her week of being in the United States on business.

We drove around on our way home aiming to see what nice sights we stumbled on. We drove around this penninsula in Biddeford, Maine and I felt like I was in a Nicholas Sparks novel exploring the tall dried grass dunes on the beach. The flat beach had beautiful fine sand and rock formations along its edges. We parked and walked around as much as we could stand in the wind chill. Houses are so close to the water hear, I’m shocked that they are still in tact. Most of the houses seemed vacant though making me think that they are mostly used as summer or vacation homes.

I looked at the time and realized we had to get to Kennenbunk quickly. I had seen on the food network that there was a restaurant there that sold the best lobster rolls in the United States. I called to verify that they were open, and they told me they would be closing soon and that it was their last day of the season and they wouldn’t be open again till May.
I was anxious to try the lobster roll and made Anthony zip past some possibly interesting sites in order to get there before they closed. We made it in time to Kennenbunk. Thank God. The town heavily relies on their fish, lobster, and shellfish market. Almost every home we passed on the way into town had crab and lobster tracks piled high in their driveway. To my fellow Californians, I can describe Kennenbunk as a smaller version of Carmel. They have high-end jewlery, art, and gift stores for the extravagant shoppers. It’s a beautiful little town to walk around.

The Clam Shack is located virtually in the center of a small bridge over the Kennebunk River. I ordered the lobster roll ($16.75) and Anthony ordered the Haddock lunch box ($20.95). Pretty pricey for such a small little shack, but seafood, especially lobster, is always a bit more expensive. We sat outside to eat our lunch on lobster crates that were converted into tables for guests. Very cute and unique idea. The bread on the lobster roll is quite plain, but it doesn’t need to be anything extravigant because the lobster meat is so fresh and doused with your choice of mayo or butter. A few days prior I had mentioned that I might want to give up shellfish because the last few times I didn’t actually enjoy it in my food. Boy oh boy did I want to take that statement back after biting into my lobster roll. The lobster was the perfect texture, fresh, and delicious! My only complaint was that I didn’t believe there to be an actual pound of lobster meet that the menu said there would be on the roll. I thought the sandwich was a bit small. I “mmmhmmm”ed and “oh my gosh”ed every bite and was so sad to find that I had gobbled my lobster roll up. I longingly eyed Anthony’s french fries and ate a couple, but those were nothing to write home about. I asked him how his haddock fish was and he also said it was mediocre and said that he had had better.

After licking our fingers and walking around a bit more we continued our drive back to home to Boston concluding our nice fall weekend getaway.